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The Best Cryptocurrency Applications


The rate of innovation in the cryptocurrency space gives both newcomers and veterans in the sector more opportunities to benefit from superior customer experiences. Unlike when cryptocurrencies were first introduced, the competition is stiffer among cryptocurrency firms.

Crypto Tracker

Crypto Tracker may seem simple at a glance but it is incredibly powerful. It gives you access to the prices of different cryptocurrencies. Not only can you view the prices of cryptocurrencies, but you can also choose what fiat currencies the prices should be denominated in. The Android-based application is light and doesn’t barrage you with notifications like other tracking applications. Crypto Tracker is free to use, which means you can test it out without worrying about losing your money.


NairaEx continues to push the envelope for its users around the world. It has made a name for itself as one of Africa’s most secure and liquid exchanges. It is committed to the continuous improvement of user experiences. Not only can users buy and sell cryptocurrencies with NairaEx, but they can also pay for bills with ease from the comfort of their homes. Just a few taps of their phone or computer laptop and their transactions are complete. It’s as easy as changing channels on TV.

Xapo Wallet

These days, security is everything as cryptocurrency becomes more popular and criminals recognize the vast amount of wealth in the sector. Xapo Wallet offers three layers of security for users. With a Xapo wallet, you can rest assured of the safety of your cryptocurrency. The Wall Street Journal described it as the Fort Knox of cryptocurrency storage. Not only is the application technically sound but also, the customer service is top-notch. The company behind the application makes a point of responding to every review on its Play Store listing. The application is available for download on Android and iOS. has a wealth of experience in investments that it built even before the creation of cryptocurrencies. Its application provides real-time data not only on 1,300 altcoins but also on other investment classes. Users who invest in cryptocurrencies and other assets are able to get key information on historical pricing for a wider variety of assets than on other applications providing data on cryptocurrencies. The application is available for download on iOS and Android.

CoinMarket Cap

Despite the recent acquisition by Binance raising questions about its independence, Coin Market Cap remains one of the most in-demand cryptocurrency applications in the industry for providing market data on cryptocurrencies. It’s easy to understand the data even if you are a beginner. Prices and other key information on cryptocurrencies can be found on the website. The application can be downloaded on iOS and Android. While it continues to serve its purpose, a new breed of data applications for cryptocurrencies is stepping onto the scene, offering new features that are not available on Coin Market Cap. With the new acquisition of Coin Market Cap by cryptocurrency exchange Binance, a growing number of people question the independence of the organization and its ability to serve its customers without compromise.


Bitworth is a single developer effort that provides users with data on the value of their portfolio items. It’s quite easy to set up which means that users can save more time checking the price of their cryptocurrencies than they would with other applications. Unfortunately, the application was only made available on iOS which limits the number of people that can benefit from it. Further, it lacks certain features that would be expected, such as price alerts.

Crypto Tax

Crypto Tax receives stellar reports on both iOS and Android. The application totals your cryptocurrency holdings against live prices. Users have a choice of over 100 altcoins to add to their current holdings. Their holdings can be compared to real-time data. Users simply have to input transactions into their CryptoTax portfolio which tracks the value of their holdings. 

NairaEx Pro

NairaEx Pro is opening up new windows of opportunity for cryptocurrency investors. The platform offers a wider variety of cryptocurrencies for advanced traders to purchase. The advanced cryptocurrency trading platform offers real-time order books, charting tools, and trading apps. There has never been a better time to be a NairaEx user.

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