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The month of October was filled with a myriad of activities for cryptocurrency users in Nigeria and outside of the nation. Nigeria’s celebration of independence was cut short by tensions that arose as the #EndSARS protests and government opposition to the protests shed more light on the utility of Bitcoin in a nation where human rights continue to be threatened on a daily basis. Outside of the...

Bitcoin Buying and Selling Strategies


There is much to be gained from taking a deep dive into Bitcoin. The learning experience is rewarding in more ways than one. Not only can you gain monetary benefits but also, you gain a deeper understanding of the world of finance. Key buying and selling strategies open up windows of opportunity for traders of Bitcoin.  Dollar Cost Averaging Dollar-cost averaging is a method by which one...

Bitcoin’s Price Behaviour during Previous Halvings in 2012 and 2016


In cryptocurrency circles there is considerable discussion going on around the May 2020 Block reward halving. Previously, two halvings were undertaken back in 2012 and 2016. Let us discuss briefly what is this halving and how previous halvings impacted the cryptocurrency’s price.  What is Block Reward Halving? Every 10-12 minutes, 12.5 new BTC are created by the Bitcoin network and...

The Best Cryptocurrency Applications


The rate of innovation in the cryptocurrency space gives both newcomers and veterans in the sector more opportunities to benefit from superior customer experiences. Unlike when cryptocurrencies were first introduced, the competition is stiffer among cryptocurrency firms. Crypto Tracker Crypto Tracker may seem simple at a glance but it is incredibly powerful. It gives you access to the prices of...

10 Reasons to Buy or Hold Bitcoin in Nigeria


1. Nigeria Will Face a Recession in the Future Most developing economies like Nigeria expect their economies to go into a downturn in the coming months. The nation is still gasping for breath after being beaten severely by a 2016 economic recession. The nation’s pace of recovery has been slow, despite achieving a milestone: 2.55% gross domestic product (GDP). History has shown that bitcoin can be...

Bitcoin, the Economy, and the Coronavirus


Price Retracements as Markets Face the Coronavirus Woes Price retracements have been witnessed in numerous sectors, including the cryptocurrency markets. Sliding bitcoin prices pose questions as to whether the cryptocurrency is really a safe-haven commodity. As a consequence of many factors, like the coronavirus, the economies have encountered major obstacles to the sustainability of their...

Cryptocurrency and Economics: What to Do When an Economy Fails


Cryptocurrencies are underrated. Since the creation of Bitcoin, millions of people around the world and even billions have been offered new choices. These choices represent freedom not only financially but from the inner conflicts which many economies have faced. Pesos, Bitcoin, and War Venezuela serves as an example of how cryptocurrency can provide a lifeline from economic turmoil in a nation...

What is the Best Bitcoin Alternative? – Our Best Altcoin Picks


What is the best Bitcoin alternative? Is there even another cryptocurrency worth investing in? Many Nigerians can no longer afford to invest in a whole Bitcoin. The race is, therefore, on in Nigeria to identify the best altcoins to invest in ready for 2020. Here at NairaEX, we can’t say for certain what these coins are. However, we do have five favorites. What is the Best Bitcoin Alternative? No...

How to Get Bitcoins in Nigeria and How to Store BTC Safely


Bitcoin is taking Nigeria by storm. If you are looking at how to get Bitcoins in Nigeria, you likely want to become part of the Bitcoin revolution yourself. Here, we’ll, therefore, look at how to fund a Bitcoin wallet and start investing. How to Get Bitcoins in Nigeria – A Beginners Guide How to get started with Bitcoin is simple. All new investors need to do is decide how much Bitcoin to...

Buying Bitcoin – NairaEx Vs Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Difference between NairaEx and other site in Nigeria

More Nigerians are buying Bitcoin than ever previously. This is a trend mirrored across Africa. Peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange Paxful has recently reported 20% growth among African users. However, for Nigerians looking for the best Bitcoin to Naira prices, peer to peer exchanges are rarely the best option. NairaEx Vs Peer to Peer Exchanges At present, Nigerians commonly use peer to peer...

NairaEx Blog Providing latest news and announcements related to the NairaEx website as well as the general cryptocurrency in Nigeria.