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What is the Best Bitcoin Alternative? – Our Best Altcoin Picks


What is the best Bitcoin alternative? Is there even another cryptocurrency worth investing in? Many Nigerians can no longer afford to invest in a whole Bitcoin. The race is, therefore, on in Nigeria to identify the best altcoins to invest in ready for 2020. Here at NairaEX, we can’t say for certain what these coins are. However, we do have five favorites. What is the Best Bitcoin Alternative? No...

Announcing new payment method FOR BUY ORDER


NairaEx is excited to announce a new payment method for customers making payment for a buy order. We can now process bank transfer instantly with fully automated reconciliation and settlement. Through Monnify payment, customers can pay for buy orders by using their Internet/Mobile/USSD Banking platform to initiate an instant bank transfer to the one-time-use bank account generated for your buy...

How to Get Bitcoins in Nigeria and How to Store BTC Safely


Bitcoin is taking Nigeria by storm. If you are looking at how to get Bitcoins in Nigeria, you likely want to become part of the Bitcoin revolution yourself. Here, we’ll, therefore, look at how to fund a Bitcoin wallet and start investing. How to Get Bitcoins in Nigeria – A Beginners Guide How to get started with Bitcoin is simple. All new investors need to do is decide how much Bitcoin to...

NairaEx / Bitcoin.NG NewsLetter – October Review


In an eventful month for the cryptocurrency market, October 25 saw Bitcoin price surge by 42% in 24 hours; its highest single-day rally since 2011. The price pump saw the number 1 cryptocurrency, move from $7,400 per Btc to $10,400 within a few hours; setting the tone for a bullish scenario. Although a retracement to below $10,000 ensued, traders and investors sure had taken profits; with many of...

NairaEx Monthly NewsLetter – August 2019 RoundUp


Welcome to the NairaEx/ monthly newsletter. Here we refresh all crypto activities from the past month and projections for the new month. Stay tuned The month of August played sideways for the cryptocurrency community. While there major events and announcements, the market and price movement did not grow significantly as Bitcoin (BTC) closed the month below the $10,000 support; just as...

Buying Bitcoin – NairaEx Vs Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Difference between NairaEx and other site in Nigeria

More Nigerians are buying Bitcoin than ever previously. This is a trend mirrored across Africa. Peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange Paxful has recently reported 20% growth among African users. However, for Nigerians looking for the best Bitcoin to Naira prices, peer to peer exchanges are rarely the best option. NairaEx Vs Peer to Peer Exchanges At present, Nigerians commonly use peer to peer...

Buy and Sell Bitcoin Instantly In Nigeria


We’re announcing the introduction of instant buy and sell of bitcoin in Nigeria at NairaEx. No more long processing hours for orders to be completed, the operation is fully automated. With this feature, NairaEx customers will receive immediate credit of Bitcoin after completing the payment for their buy order and immediate credit for sell order after the bitcoin has been confirmed on the...

How to Build a Cryptocurrency Portfolio in Nigeria

cryptocurrency portfolio

This week we take a look at investing in cryptocurrency and building the right cryptocurrency portfolio. This involves picking the right coins from a list of over 2,000 coins and tokens available on the crypto market. Basic Rules While making a choice of what cryptocurrency to add to your holding portfolio, it is important to note these: A basic crypto rule advises that at least 30% of your...

How to invest and Make money with Bitcoin in Nigeria


Are you on a hustle trying to find your way of making money using digital assets but stranded? Worry no more; this article will explain the possible means that you as an investor, trader or holder of Bitcoin can make either active or passive income at the comfort of your home especially in Nigeria. Before revealing the reliable methods that can make you a millionaire over a short period, allow me...

NairaEx Blog Providing latest news and announcements related to the NairaEx website as well as the general cryptocurrency in Nigeria.